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Friday, October 5, 2007


A proud father
By: Everardo Enrique Santos
About this war, I don't care
If it's holy or for oil
All I want is for our soldiers
To return to U.S. soil

Our soldiers have done their share
While they are willing to fight,
Members of the Iraqi government
Laugh all the way to the bank

We are not winning, we are not losing
Why can't they tell us the truth
That they lied from the beginning
And now we know we were screwed

We have done our sacrifice
Our soldiers have done enough
If we are not there to win
Then lets call the deal off

I want to make very clear
To our soldiers my support
I just don't want more losses
They should all be coming home

We love you, American soldiers
We are your wives, daughters and sons
Your husbands, brothers and parents
One of you, soldiers, IS MY SON

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